If you want to have amazing wedding photos, look no further. Eric was absolutely phenomenal on our wedding day. He was a pleasure to work with and couldn't have captured our day with more beauty. People are consistently envious of our images. I don't know anyone with photos looking as good as ours do and that says a lot considering I'm a wedding photographer as well! Thanks so much Eric!

— Amanda Coldicutt

Beautiful wedding photography! I had researched I think most photographers in the Maui area and I came across Eric Rolph's website. It didn't look like your typical wedding photographer website, but all it took was looking at his beautiful work and I instantly made up my mind that I wanted to use him for our wedding. His photos are like a work of art. They jump out at you with so much detail. We wanted a photojournalistic style to our photos and that's what I loved about his style of photography. I highly recommend Eric. I gave him an outline of the most important type of shots we wanted and he captured them all. He wasn't your pushy type of photographer, he captured many candid moments. You will not regret choosing Eric as your wedding photographer. He is one of the best!

— Christina Ibarra


Working with Eric was a pleasure. So many memories that with the help of such a talented wedding photographer in Eric they no longer have to be buried in the back of my head as I can look over them over and over again. Being a wedding photographer myself I really wanted someone unique and someone I could trust to manage the day which is part of a wedding photographers duties. Eric did that and more. I highly recommend him.

— Brandyn Fidel

I had very specific criteria when I was looking for a wedding photographer. 1) They must produce fantastic images. Images worthy of large prints and hanging on the wall as art. 2) They must deliver high resolution digital files to me. 3) Their business model should be around their photography and touch up skills and not around making money selling me albums or charging crazy prices for larger prints. I can make prints myself! 4) They should be a joy to work with and a genuine person with a passion for producing jaw dropping images. They should be flexible and really love what they are doing. 5) Their prices should be reasonable in relation to the images that they provide. I will pay for high quality. I am not interested in thousands of snap shots. 6) The photographer should be cool and down to earth. We got married in Maui. Eric exceeded my expectations on each of the above points! The fact that it was absolutely pouring down rain in a remote location, mud everywhere, and a change of location right before the ceremony made it even more amazing that Eric delivered. He wasn't just a man with a camera either. He was a mobile studio. We wanted a smaller set of images that are well composed, touched up, and worthy of print. I had a local high end printing company make a back-lit print for me. The people working there said "This is the most bad a__ wedding photo that we have ever seen." They are right. Everybody has said this. The image blows people away. The scenery looks like a painting. The lighting is superb. The editing was meticulous. Wow. Our pastor said "That image alone is worth the entire price." I agree. Plus we got several other amazing photos and complete coverage of our ceremony all in print worthy high resolution glory. If your desires and expectations are in line what what I had in mind, I can recommend Eric without hesitation.

— Scott Pultz

Maui Wedding Photographer, Love Beyond Fields

I love the photos and can't tell you how many rave reviews we've received from friends, family and coworkers. The light quality is exquisite and the timing with the waves looks totally surreal. We LOVE them!

— Lesile Auman

Everyone is a big fan of the photos. I posted maybe 10 of them online, and there have been so many compliments on the quality of the image, and the composition. Comments from older family that these are the most beautiful wedding pictures they have seen. I'm letting everyone know that it was all you, and I hope I know someone who will be married on Maui, because I would love to refer them to you.

— Rebecca Mongeon


Calen and I devoted a lot of time searching for the perfect photographer. After all, the pictures and the memories are all you have left after a wedding. Therefore, we knew that we were going to need to find someone who not only understood us as a couple but someone that could also capture emotion. The first thing that caught my eye was Eric unique style of photography and second that he had traveled around the world and had experience with Indian weddings. We communicated entirely through email as I lived on the mainland and he lived in Maui. I always felt at ease as he replied to me promptly and thoroughly. Once we finally met Eric a week before the wedding, we immediately became friends and knew we had made the right decision. During the wedding and reception, Eric did not skip a beat. There is so much to capture in an Indian wedding, to the point where you almost have to be at two places at one time. Somehow, he did just that. Our wedding pictures tell a complete story, such that you feel as if you were physically there. Without fail, the viewers develops goosebumps and/or teary-eyes. That, I tell you, is pure art and raw talent. His work is exquisite! But more exquisite then his work is his passion. Needless to say, Eric far exceeded our expectations and our pictures will never lose their charm.

— Nitasha Devan